Machine learning and AI incorporates many technologies, and today there isn't a shortage of tools on the market. We prefer open source frameworks, Python programming language, and AWS cloud services.

Machine learning frameworks and libs

We use the following set of technologies for deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data analysis, and visualization. They are perfect for predictive analysis, image recognition, recommendation engines, anomaly detection, and other use cases.

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Natural language processing

Data analysis & visualization

Software development

We develop machine learning models and software applications using Python. For some tasks related to data visualization and statistical model development, we may also use R. We have experience with all popular databases.


To build intelligent chatbots that understand human queries and generate replies, we use the most powerful platforms on the market – Google's Dialogflow and open source

Cloud services

The majority of our machine learning solutions run on AWS and Google Cloud Platform. However, if you prefer a particular cloud vendor, it's not a problem for us.